Flying High with El Al’S Matmid Program


Six Ways To Make Your EL AL Frequent Flyer Points Work For You!

Most frequent fliers are familiar with the many awards programs available through various airlines. In case you’re not, here’s how they work, in a nutshell. You enroll in the frequent flier program of an airline that you “frequently fly”. You then amass points for every flight you take with that airline, and you can then redeem the points for future travel with that airline.

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that GoInspire recommends direct flights to Israel. As Israel’s official airline, EL AL offers the greatest number of direct flights to Israel, and we at GoInspire “frequently fly” our clients to Israel with EL AL.

Therefore, we’d like to share with you some tips about getting the most out of your EL AL frequent flyer points (usually known as “Matmid points”). (more…)

Volunteer in Israel – It’s Good for the Heart and Soul

At ShalvaJust thinking about a trip to Israel can be so exhilarating! You visualize the beauty of the sights, the special feeling in the air – a wonderful, meaningful getaway. But for citizens of Israel, life is usually not a year-round vacation. As in any other country, Israelis deal with daily challenges such as health issues, financial crises, and other difficulties.

However, one of the amazing qualities about Israel and its denizens is their devotion to helping one another. We’d like to open up to you a whole new side of Israel: a culture of loving-kindness, cultivated by an assortment of wonderful organizations in Israel. These organizations seek to help out in whatever way they can, providing guidance and education, raising funds, and serving as a support system for those in need.

Now why should this matter to you? (more…)

The Way to a Tourist’s Heart… Is Through His Stomach

Three Jerusalem Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss

keyara table

Keyara Restaurant

8 Ramban St., Jerusalem. Open Sunday through Thursday, 4-11pm.

Keyara has earned high marks from members of the GoInspire family for its delicious fare, soothing ambience, and excellent service. The minimalist décor, highlighted by atmospheric mood lighting, offers diners well-spaced, generously sized tables that allow for private conversation. The menu at Keyara is a delight for the palate, featuring unique dishes you may never before have encountered. The chef is magnanimous with his portion sizes, so take note: ordering appetizers may be overkill. The waiters are attentive without hovering; they are there to help but not to annoy. (more…)

Snow Turns Jerusalem Upside Down

Snowman upside down“Excuse me, sir! Can you join the picture?”

My husband was walking down Rechov Yechezkel, bundled up against the snow, when he was asked by a photographer to join a couple of other students for a picture to be featured in some Polish newspaper the next day. The big story? Snow in Jerusalem!

Coming from Detroit, the six inches of snow on the ground meant nothing to my husband, but in Jerusalem in the winter of ’08, this snowstorm was front-page news. The whole city was shut down due to the falling snowflakes, and very few ventured outdoors until the snow stopped descending. Buses were not running and stores were closed, as the city struggled to deal with this unusual weather.


A Tale of Two Flights

Baila’s Forced “Vacation” In Philly, En Route to Israel

Philly AirportWhen our dedicated COO, Baila Groner, decided to take advantage of cheap tickets to Israel, we were all happy that she and her husband Zalman would finally get to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Their plan was to leave Tuesday afternoon from LaGuardia to Philadelphia, and connect to an international flight scheduled to take off from Philly at 9:10 PM. They were scheduled to arrive in Israel on Wednesday afternoon, enabling them to light the menorah on the first night of Chanukah in Jerusalem.


Go Take a Hike… In Israel!

Fraidy at the Banias

4 Great Hike Sites in Israel

One of Israel’s unique qualities is that it’s actually a microcosm of the world. In a country roughly the size of New Jersey, you will find very varied terrain and weather patterns. With deserts and mountains just hours from each other, the enthusiastic hiker can enjoy hikes of all kinds during a short trip to Israel.

During my year of seminary in Israel (many, many years ago…) every tiyul [trip] included a hike or two (or three!). Our tour guide always started out with these rules: Make sure you have “kova, mayim, and matzleimah!” – a hat for the dangerously hot Israeli sun, water so you don’t dehydrate, and of course, the most essential item for any trip: a camera. The guide would also suggest we make sure to take extra film, something most of us don’t have to think about any more.

Here are a few of our favorite hikes:


Chanukah in Israel: It’s Not ONLY About Food

sushi menorahChanukah is in the air, as all of Israel is preparing for the Festival of Lights. This year Chanukah begins on the evening of Nov 27, and ends on Thursday evening, Dec 5.

With us Jews, the first and most important subject is always (drumroll…) food, so let’s talk about Chanukah treats, which are traditionally prepared with oil, and lots of it! This practice of eating foods fried in oil commemorates the miracle that happened in the days of the Second Temple. After defeating the Greeks, the Jews found one precious flask of oil. Normally enough to keep the Temple’s menorah lit for just one night, this oil lasted eight! So, this time of year, sufganiyot (donuts) with an assortment of delicious fillings become ubiquitous throughout the country. One can also hear women throughout the land “hotly” debating the benefits of various recipes for levivot (latkas/potato pancakes).


7 Israeli Medical Breakthroughs

robot snake

7 Israeli Medical Breakthroughs that are Improving and Saving Lives

Israel, the Start-Up Nation, is renowned for the countless innovations and technological advances that emanate from this small country of bright, motivated individuals. And while some of these breakthrough developments enhance our daily routines, there are others that have the potential to literally save lives or enable those with physical challenges to lead an independent existence. We’ve chosen to highlight seven of them.

  1. NaNose

    The NaNose artificial olfactory system is an amazing device that was invented to detect cancer in its earliest stages, well before any tumors are actually visible on x-rays. (more…)

10 Places You Don’t Want to Stay When Visiting Israel

When visiting Israel, it’s very important to know where you shouldn’t be staying. Here are a few examples:
david citadel 3
  1. Any place that includes “running water” in its list of amenities
  2. Any inn with a suspicious acronym, like… Hebron American Motels And Suites
  3. A hotel whose website boasts “Complimentary Daily Exterminator Visits”
  4. A motel where the name of the guy at the reception desk is “Lurch”


Three Sites Not to Miss On Your Next Trip To Israel

Israeli flagThere are places in far-flung corners of Israel that only those “in the know” (or in the travel business) seem to know about. And then, there are the absolute “don’t-leave-the-country-until-you’ve seen-these” sites. Yet, surprisingly, popular as they are, many less-seasoned travelers may not be aware of the existence and significance of these tourist attractions.

Here’s a quick overview of our three favorite Must-Sees: