Volunteer in Israel – It’s Good for the Heart and Soul

At ShalvaJust thinking about a trip to Israel can be so exhilarating! You visualize the beauty of the sights, the special feeling in the air – a wonderful, meaningful getaway. But for citizens of Israel, life is usually not a year-round vacation. As in any other country, Israelis deal with daily challenges such as health issues, financial crises, and other difficulties.

However, one of the amazing qualities about Israel and its denizens is their devotion to helping one another. We’d like to open up to you a whole new side of Israel: a culture of loving-kindness, cultivated by an assortment of wonderful organizations in Israel. These organizations seek to help out in whatever way they can, providing guidance and education, raising funds, and serving as a support system for those in need.

Now why should this matter to you? (more…)