Chanukah in Israel: It’s Not ONLY About Food

sushi menorahChanukah is in the air, as all of Israel is preparing for the Festival of Lights. This year Chanukah begins on the evening of Nov 27, and ends on Thursday evening, Dec 5.

With us Jews, the first and most important subject is always (drumroll…) food, so let’s talk about Chanukah treats, which are traditionally prepared with oil, and lots of it! This practice of eating foods fried in oil commemorates the miracle that happened in the days of the Second Temple. After defeating the Greeks, the Jews found one precious flask of oil. Normally enough to keep the Temple’s menorah lit for just one night, this oil lasted eight! So, this time of year, sufganiyot (donuts) with an assortment of delicious fillings become ubiquitous throughout the country. One can also hear women throughout the land “hotly” debating the benefits of various recipes for levivot (latkas/potato pancakes).


Chag Sameach!

The Goinspire Team is enjoying the Chag of Sukkot! Our huts are built, the weather’s keeping nice, and there’s been so many exciting things to do over the holidays.

From Birkat Cohanim at the Kotel, “pancaking” in Netanya, or just getting together with family, Sukkot is the Festival of Joy – Enjoy!

Of course, we’re also revving up for some big trips after the holidays – the first JWRP Men’s Trip on October 13-21 and soon after that another great JWRP TAG trip from October 20-30. Check them both out at!

Chag Sameach from Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Monsey, Montreal, Passaic and Detroit.

Tell us how your holiday is going in Israel and all over the world in the comments!

“Oh the Places You’ll Go” in Israel on Sukkot

Sukkot - Feast of TabernaclesSukkot—the Feast of Tabernacles. OK, so nobody actually knows what a Tabernacle is… but to many Jews all over the world, preparations for this festival include such activities as building outdoor huts where they will take their meals during the holiday. This will be followed by praying that the huts don’t collapse for at least eight days. Jews may also be rushing out to purchase the Four Species (see more about that below), while others are deciding what type of fun activities to plan so they can enjoy the holiday with family and friends.

From VIP events to free activities, there is something for everyone in Israel during the holiday of Sukkot. Even if you can’t be there this year, it’s not too soon to start thinking about joining the festivities the next time around… (more…)