Don’t Go To Israel Without Visiting These Hot Spots

3 MORE Israel Tourist Sites You Won’t Want to Miss

kinneret palm treesSince we talked about Three Sites Not to Miss On Your Next Trip to Israel a few weeks ago, our audience has been clamoring for more great tourist sites! So we now bring to you three more sites that you definitely should check out the next time you’re in Israel.

Sea of Galilee (a.k.a. The Kinneret)


The Way to a Tourist’s Heart… Is Through His Stomach

Three Jerusalem Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss

keyara table

Keyara Restaurant

8 Ramban St., Jerusalem. Open Sunday through Thursday, 4-11pm.

Keyara has earned high marks from members of the GoInspire family for its delicious fare, soothing ambience, and excellent service. The minimalist décor, highlighted by atmospheric mood lighting, offers diners well-spaced, generously sized tables that allow for private conversation. The menu at Keyara is a delight for the palate, featuring unique dishes you may never before have encountered. The chef is magnanimous with his portion sizes, so take note: ordering appetizers may be overkill. The waiters are attentive without hovering; they are there to help but not to annoy. (more…)

Curing Sun Stroke with Israeli Coffee!

Iced coffee at an israeli cafe

We traveled. We ate. Now what?

A drink, of course… L’Chaim!

 The sun is hot and your tan is great, but what about that all important cup of coffee? Hot coffee is out of the question. A cup of cold, refreshing iced coffee is the answer – and it will be an amazing experience all by itself! This Israeli stuff is nothing like the cold coffee with ice cubes that you get at your local Dunkin Donuts; instead, head to an Israeli cafe and think sweet milky coffee SLURPEE. (more…)