Make Yourself “At Home” In Israel – Try a Tzimmer!


Israel Off The Beaten Path – Episode 1

We asked you what you want to read about. You answered and we listened!

In a recent blog post we announced a raffle drawing for a $25 gift card, and the “price” of entry was a suggestion of a blog topic for our upcoming posts. We are happy to announce that the winner of the raffle is Jaclyn! Congrats, Jaclyn, and thanks to all those who left us a line. We got many great requests for blog posts, and we hope to address some of them in upcoming weeks.

This week’s post is in answer to what seemed to be the most popular request – Where do Israelis go when they are on vacation? Where do they eat out? Where do they stay? People want to hear the real deal, and we’re glad to bring you that information, in a new series of posts called Israel Off the Beaten Path. (more…)

10 Places You Don’t Want to Stay When Visiting Israel

When visiting Israel, it’s very important to know where you shouldn’t be staying. Here are a few examples:
david citadel 3
  1. Any place that includes “running water” in its list of amenities
  2. Any inn with a suspicious acronym, like… Hebron American Motels And Suites
  3. A hotel whose website boasts “Complimentary Daily Exterminator Visits”
  4. A motel where the name of the guy at the reception desk is “Lurch”


The Ambiance of Tzfat; The Amenities of a 4-Star Hotel

Ruth RimonimI love Tzfat. The mountains, ancient streets and mystical atmosphere stir my soul and take my breath away. When we decided to spend a night up north, I knew that Tzfat (or Safed) was where I wanted to stay and was hoping to find a hotel whose atmosphere would enhance the experience. The Ruth Rimonim hotel definitely did not disappoint us.