7 Israeli Medical Breakthroughs

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7 Israeli Medical Breakthroughs that are Improving and Saving Lives

Israel, the Start-Up Nation, is renowned for the countless innovations and technological advances that emanate from this small country of bright, motivated individuals. And while some of these breakthrough developments enhance our daily routines, there are others that have the potential to literally save lives or enable those with physical challenges to lead an independent existence. We’ve chosen to highlight seven of them.

  1. NaNose

    The NaNose artificial olfactory system is an amazing device that was invented to detect cancer in its earliest stages, well before any tumors are actually visible on x-rays. (more…)

Behind the Scenes: HiTech Innovation in Israel

IMG_1443Israel represents an interesting dichotomy. The spirit of History echoes from its ancient sites, and at the same time, Israel enjoys world-renown fame for its cutting-edge advances and sharp business acumen. Per person, Israel boasts the most startups per person in the world, as well as the third-highest number of patents per capita. With its very own “Silicon Wadi” (think “Silicon Valley”, Israeli-style), Israel’s innovations in the worlds of technology, science, and beyond have the world sitting up and taking notice.